Music Theory Tutorials


Music Theory Fundamentals is a place for you to learn and practice music theory, rhythm, and ear training. There aren't many tutorials available right now, but new lessons and quizzes will continue to be added.

New Tutorials for March

This month, I've added the Scale Degree Names and Modes tutorials and the Key Signatures and Scale Degree Names quizzes. Intervals (Part 2), Scales, and Simple Meter tutorials are on the way! The Scale Degree Names quizzes will be available soon as well.

If you ever have any problems with anything, please feel free to leave me feedback. I'll work on resolving any issues as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I finish all of the music theory tutorials before I start the rhythm and ear training tutorials?

No, all 3 categories are meant to be studied together. For example, the music theory intervals tutorials would be complimentary to the intervals ear training tutorials. After completing those tutorials, the intervals ear training quizzes are available to help you practice what you learned.

Are the grades recorded?

Quiz grades are not recorded. They are simply available as an aid for you to test your knowledge and receive feedback about how much you have learned.

What do I do if I don't understand one of the tutorials and need more help understanding that concept?

The tutorials offered here are meant to be accompanied by outside music theory classes or lessons. However, if you feel that something was covered poorly or could have been explained in a better or different way, feel free to leave feedback through the feedback form.